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“I Was Deep in Debt, Lost My Home And All Of My Life Savings To A Ponzi Scheme Overnight …

All I Did Was To Follow This Banned 1,000-Year-Old Chinese Manifestation Principle The Big Powers Don’t Want You To Know About

“James you’ve lost everything we have to this silly investment I warned you against”

My wife wept uncontrollably as she ran into her room, greatly disappointed in me.

My chest tightened as I struggled to let those words sink in…

Beads of sweat formed on my forehead…

As I was pacing the living room to and fro non-stop.

We had a long list of creditors waiting to skin me alive already.

I only wanted to do what I thought was best for my family.

I was tired of watching my beautiful daughter eat those shit-tasting six-month-old potato chips…

And the nitrate-filled beef jerky…

Because the universe had been dishing me the wrong hand since I got cut from the basketball team.

I thought that investment was going to be the big break we needed.

And we could finally start living like one happy family…

Move out of my cousin’s house into a roof we own.

But my hopes got shattered.

You see, a few months earlier…

I mortgaged our home and put all the money plus the little I could raise from everyone…

Into that silly timber investment, they told me “would bring outstanding returns in the next few months”.

Now, I needed to live with the reality that it was all a Ponzi scheme…

And my money had been swallowed in by the house forever.

I was the hope and strength of my family…

And now for the first time, I had no strength or hope in myself.

Instead, it felt like the universe was playing a cruel joke on me (ironic, I know).

“What is the next line of action from here?”

I kept thinking to myself.

“This policy will at least, give my wife and daughter a more comfortable life when I’m gone”

As I made the move to dash down the roof that evening with my tears-filled eyes…

A strange voice I had never heard before startled me…

He made a few statements to me (more on that later)

Little did I know this voice would end up putting an end to all of my money worries…

And a comfy, flexible, and high-paying stock brokerage job before the end of my second month.

If you’re still reading this page…

I believe the universe has brought you here for a reason.

What I’m about to share with you could change your life forever…

Just like me some years ago, maybe:

What I’m about to share with you…

Forces The Universe To Deliver Your Heart Desires… So Fast You’ll Be Wondering If There’s Any Illegality To It

You’ll be able to manifest cold, hard, and spendable cash at will.

I’ll tell you right up that my solution might go against some of the things you’ve learned in the secret, the law of attraction, and every meditation book, coaching, or course out there.

What I’m about to share with you has nothing to do with…

Meditation, Expensive Therapies, Unnecessary Chakra Balancing, Affirmation, Visualizations, Astrology Nor Numerology, Or Any Of That Other Woo-Woo Stuff…

That You’ve Tried Before Only To Fail Every Goddamn Time

While it agrees with the law of attraction to some extent…

It’s far from a superficial “oh just visualize money and you will get rich tomorrow” thing.

What you’re about to see is…

Based On A  Chinese “1,000-Year-Old” Principle Backed By Science.

A secret that has been researched and proven to be true by scientific investigations…

And people who have lived their life by it.

Adam Scott, Online Entrepreneur

Alicia Janice, Housewife & Lottery Winner

Or Alicia Janice who says…

“I don’t know how it’s happening but I’ve been receiving cold cash anywhere I turn. Now I feel very confident and optimistic about my children’s future.”

There’s also John Fraser who says…

“The landlord gave us a 2-week-ultimatum to pay up the rent or move out. I shut out the self doubts, made a couple plays with stock options and I hit a big jackpot from the get go.

It’s all thanks to what you shared with me James.”

There’s also Lucy Walker who says she doesn’t have to apply for food stamps to get by again.

To be honest, It takes some form of commitment to the process…

But not the crazy type that requires a monk’s level of dedication normal people like us don’t have.

In the following sections of this message…

I’ll expose everything you need to know about this 1000-year-old Chinese principle…

You’ll see why you’ve been manifesting the exact opposite of what you want…

Even though you’ve followed what your favorite manifestation guru taught you “hook, line, and sinker”.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 21 or 83 years old…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or female…

This principle works without discrimination for any factor…

As long as you can give it a trial.

I know this quite sounds like a promise you’ve heard before…

And you’re thinking if it’s just one of them…

I assure you that what I’m about to reveal is completely different…

I’ll show you the science and logic behind every one of my claims and promises here.

You’ll see how you can repel all the debt, anxiety, low esteem, and other hiccups you may have in your life right now…

And exactly how you can start attracting all you’ve ever wanted towards yourself.

For you, that could be…

Enough cash to pay off all of your creditors and still have more left behind to live comfortably with your family…

More opportunities than you could handle, so you don’t have to get stuck in the job hunt or the job you hate for the rest of your life

Time to focus on your family, your passion, and leave a worthy legacy behind…

I urge you to read the rest of this message with an open mind.

Shut out distractions and let it all sink in.

I’m convinced it could turn your life in the direction you’ve always dreamt about.

Hi, my name is James Irvine,

I Come From A Simple Family Of Humble Beginnings Where My Dad Worked As A Cleaner While My Mother Stayed Home To Take Care Of The Children.

You can imagine the life we were having.

All we desired were food on the table, clothes to wear, and a roof over our heads.

I did not excel well at school but I had one interest since childhood – Basketball.

One day, my high school coach pulled me aside and told me that I had a very good chance of receiving a full NBA scholarship offer.

This could be my golden ticket to a better life!

All I needed to do was to perform well when a top scouting coach came to watch my game…

Unfortunately, I totally blew that one chance.

I was unable to focus and perform during this important game because my girlfriend had just told me before that game that she was 4 weeks pregnant…

I had no choice but to find a job so I could provide for her.

This is how I gave up my dream of becoming a professional basketball player…

And guess where I ended up…

At a small hotel/restaurant with about a hundred rooms, working as a waiter.

Some might say this is a pretty good job…. And I shouldn’t complain…it’s better than an office job…but NO!

For me it was physically demanding and emotionally grueling.

It’s a profession that got no love or respect, had no benefits, no security, and little money.

I was in constant stress and literally sacrificing my well-being for this job.

It seemed that 8 hours a day of having my heart beating with anxiety was going to lead me to an early grave.

Anyway, I kept on working and sooner or later I caught myself in the same cycle as my dad was…

Average Income, Overworked, And Struggling

To Provide Basic Needs For My Family.

The money I was earning was going to cheap “groceries” …

Nitrate filled beef jerky…

Six-month-old potato chips…

Not only did these snacks quickly add up in price, they contained hardly any nutrition whatsoever…

Imagine looking at your pregnant wife, noticing that her skin has taken on an odd, pale shade of yellow and her eyes are beginning to sink into her skull…

And having nothing to give her but another shameful look, knowing that our future is screwed.

So, here’s when I thought of doing something, I never thought I would do…

I told my wife that we should abandon our current location and head for Washington DC, to live with my cousin and his wife.

She disagreed, but for a very strong reason…

All this time I didn’t say a word to my relatives… because I was ashamed.They thought I was climbing the corporate ladder and doing well for myself when in fact it was totally the opposite.

Little did they know about my situation…That bills were going unpaid and creditors were calling non-stop, looking for payments.It made me sick to know that I would be completely mooching off relatives… showing up at their front door like beggars with nothing but two hungry mouths and whatever clothes would fit in the cab of my old car…

But it just didn’t seem like there was any other choice.Anyway, we moved to their house and the situation seemed to be fine for a few weeks.We got along all together and they didn’t mind our company.The only problem was this…I was under a lot of pressure, and had this feeling like me and my wife needed to move out as soon as possible.

That was it, until I told myself, enough is enough.

I realized that I was so deep in pain and mental stress that I was feeling more and more helpless as the days goes by…No longer could I see clearly beyond my sense of entitlement…

And to be honest with you guys, this entitlement made me blind – thinking that I suck and the rest of the world was awesome.

So, all this time I thought I deserved some ‘special treatment’…But that would NEVER be possible if I didn’t take action in the first place.

I Had To Look For Better Ways To Make More Money And Turn My Life Around. I Literally Got Rid Of All My Excuses, And Started Taking 100% Responsibility

I was now desperate for a full time job.

My new job was to find a job.

I took this so seriously that I applied to every single business that was literally hiring.

To every job for which I was adequately qualified, even though I didn’t have a degree.

Everyday I bought the newspaper, took it to the library and circle all of the available jobs.

Again, I applied for each of them, one by one.

I did this for eight hours straight, each day, until one day something came up.

Nope, it wasn’t a recruiter reaching out to me…

My co-worker, Luca introduced me to this “amazing” timber investment opportunity.

At first, it seemed like the universe had finally listened to me.

I mortgaged my old home and raised a large sum of money, thinking this was the golden opportunity for me to provide the future of my family with a better life.

But I Was Being Reckless And Naïve…

And yes… you guessed it.

The scheme turned out to be a Ponzi scam where the founders were taking newer investor’s money to pay off the older ones.

My entire life went into a downwards spiral as soon as I found out the truth.

I lost all of my life savings overnight where I did not even have a place call home now.

It was obvious I was fighting a battle I couldn’t win…

I felt so stupid, depressed, and suicidal…

Those questions kept repeating in my head…

I was going crazy… and that was just the beginning of my horror…

The feeling when you know you’ve failed the ones who you love the most, started developing inside of me…

It literally felt like I was being punched directly in the solar plexus.

Not Long After, I Found Myself Standing At The Edge Of A Hotel Roof,
Planning To Kill Myself, As Tears Were Rolling Down My Cheeks.

But As Soon As I Was Ready To Jump, I Felt This Strong Force Pulling Me From The Back

“Don’t jump! It’s not the time to die yet!”, screamed an older man.

“No matter the situation you’re in, I can help you!”

And I said, “Please, just go away…you don’t know anything about me”

“Look me in the eyes son” – he replied

When I looked at him, my whole body started shaking…like I had just seen an angel sent from God.

He had a presence and power I couldn’t deny.

“Just take a step back and I promise your life won’t be the same anymore. I know very well what you’re going through right now… I can tell from your eyes – 33 years ago, I was in the same position.”

Those words saved my life…

I took a step back, and like nothing ever happened he invited me for a drink at his place.

During our conversation, I can tell he was a very good listener.

The Old Man Answered My Entire Life Story

– How My Family Was Starving… How We Were Out Of Money, How We Moved To My Cousin’s Place… And How We Were Out Of Hope

“Ahh… I see. It’s not a big issue”, he said

I was so surprised by how calm he was…I mean, did he even get it?

But anyways after I finished my story, he asks me to wait for a few minutes and finish my coffee until he was back.

‘What the heck is going on?’ – I remember telling myself.

And if I’m honest, I was a little confused and skeptical.

What if he was a scammer…?

Or wanted me to join an MLM…

Or worse, never came back after he got my hopes up?

But sooner or later he was back…. This time, holding an old book covered in dust in his arms.

I assure you… if you start implementing the step-by-step blueprint of this philosophy from ancient China included on this book, you WILL stop struggling, not only financially, but also in terms of finding your purpose and living a happy life…”

“How on earth is that possible?”

I asked for a brief explanation and he said that…

The philosophy was called ‘Taoism’ and according to it, humans and animals should live in balance with the Tao or the universe.

Few people actually know this and that’s one of the main reasons they’re stuck in the poor and middle class…

So, you might think of the Tao as the blank canvas upon which this entire universe is built upon.

And if you align your energy field between yourself and the universe…

You can pull whatever you want towards you effortlessly. 

Total financial security so that you never pass another restless night praying that your kids do not follow the same path as you did…

Stronger and more deeply rewarding relationships with your friends, family, and romantic partner…

And perfect health for years to come – both for yourself, and all of those you love.

This explanation wasn’t enough for me…

I stared at Simon like he was a lying idiot.

He stared back at me like I was a man who just didn’t get it.

“It’s obvious you don’t believe me; And I know you’re still confused” – he said.

“But it’s okay – I get that a lot.”

He launched into the incredible explanation that would lead me right into the promise land.

“The thing is that often times, people see philosophy as useless and boring”

And that’s because of the way the world has portrayed it.

College professors for example, give you irrelevant material that you can’t practically apply to your life.

But what if I told you that philosophy is one of the main reasons why so many people struggle in their lives…

Not only financially, but also in terms of finding their purpose and living a happy life…

And how’s that possible?

Well, during all these years they (the education system in general and academics) deprived us of philosophy true use case: as an blueprint for overcoming difficulties and hardships in life.

So, what I want you to do right now, is FORGET about those ‘philosophical’ indecipherable books that stretch on for a thousand pages, literally saying the same thing in circles and solving nothing…

Or those crazy men with glasses, in un-buttoned shirts, untied shoelaces, shuffling about hallways of some archaic university, mumbling to themselves, completely unaware of the humanity around them…

Like I said that’s not philosophy.

The real philosophy is useful…

In fact, I will go as far as to argue that philosophy is likely more useful and important to the average person in the 21st century than any other time in human history.

I’ll explain later the reason why…

For now, let’s get back to the connection between philosophy, wealth and happiness.

Have a look at this famous quote from Epicurus – a famous ancient philosopher.

“If you shape your life according to nature, you will never be poor. If you shape your life according to people’s opinions, you will never be rich”

As you can tell, he’s suggesting that society, plays an important role when it comes to wealth.

If you surround yourself with people carrying a scarcity mindset, always talking about a dangerous world and how they wish they were born “lucky”, your brain will be negatively impacted.

And then guess what happens next…

The Result Of All This Negativity, Accumulated Over The Years, Is That Your Dreams Are Getting Further And Further Away From You.

You Don’t Know What To Value Anymore…

To prove this, here’s an example…

You didn’t think about wanting to be a doctor, right? – your parents threatened to disown you if you didn’t go to medical school.

You didn’t decide you liked dogs—you just grew up with a dog.

The same happens with philosophy. If you didn’t like it as a subject, chances are that your teacher and friends made you believe so.

I remember myself when I told people that I started reading about philosophy, they often looked at me with some mixture of horror and confusion, as though I had just told them I was planning to kill myself.

One friend even went as far as to say,
“Dude, why would you do that to yourself?”

If you see the big picture of this entire thing, it is similar to “chain reaction”, where one event sets off a chain of other events.

Your behaviors as a kid impact you when you become a teenager…

And your behaviors as a teenager impact you when you mature into an adult.

At the end, you are a product of your own behaviors.

If you’re not living the life you want and you’re struggling to create wealth, it’s because of your behaviors, I assure you.

Since we were kids, we were told to see life as something that we needed to manipulate in order to squeeze all that we want out of it, usually in terms of power, money and possessions.

But instead of following a certain philosophy and living according to nature, just like Epicurus said, we go against it…

Instead of living with a mindset of gratitude and the desire to give something back to life, we do the opposite and then we wonder why we end up bitter, miserable people.

When we lose touch with the natural flow of life, and essentially our own nature, suffering inevitably happens.

So, What Can You Possibly Do At This Point?

You could start by reading books on philosophy, taking programs and basically starting a self-developing journey which can take a while…

Or you can start implementing the principles of this philosophy from ancient China I’m about to share with you in a bit.It’s called Taoism and holds that humans should live in balance with the Tao.

Now you might be wondering…

What in the world is Tao?

According to Lao Tzu or the philosopher of Taoism, “Tao” is a foundational principle of the universe.

It represents order, balance, and most importantly, alignment.

And that a life of abundance simply isn’t possible when the energies of your being and the universe are not aligned.

As you may notice, the key word here is “align”  and it is different from the law of attraction, that states ‘your thoughts have the power to manifest anything in your life’ without requiring you to put in hard work…

The law of alignment actually requires making a conscious effort, not only through your thinking but also real actions, in the real world.

I Have Studied The Law Of Attraction For More Than 5 Years Now And I’ve Come To The Conclusion That It Doesn’t Work (How You Think It Would) For A Very Simple Reason.

Our minds and thoughts do not have the power to change anything.

To change something, some sort of force or energy is required.

For instance, you cannot say, “Stop the train” and the train stops.

The human mind is an analytical calculator not a power station sending electricity and energy to get things done.

If that had been the case, we wouldn’t need arms and legs to get things done.

So, do you understand why I’m a huge fan of the Taoism and the law of alignment?

Okay, there might be people out there who might say…

“You’re a liar, I’ve been following the law of attraction for years now and I’ve had great results”

“Good for you” – that’s all I say to these people.

And that’s because I don’t like defining things as ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

Taoism taught me, not to think in absolutes, because the secret to life is coming into harmony with all things; with life in its totality.

The opposites are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.

We simply can’t have light without dark, hot without cold, high without low or joy without sadness…

Even the law of alignment wouldn’t be possible without the law of attraction, because in order to align the energies, the first step is always your thinking, which is very powerful.

And now the big question…

How can you align this unique energy field between yourself and the universe…?

So, you can pull whatever you want towards you:

Financial security so that you never pass another restless night praying that your kids do not follow the same path as you did…

More opportunities than you can handle, so you don’t have to get stuck on a job you hate for the rest of your life…

More deeply rewarding relationships with your friends, family, and romantic partner…

And perfect health for years to come – both mental and physical for all of those you love.

Believe it or not, the answer is really simple.

All you need to do is align yourself (your thoughts, words and actions) appropriately and authentically, with this Universal flow and energy to attract what you seek.

I believe that quite simply…

Each of these three steps are essential components of the principle of alignment and attraction, and all need to harmonize together to allow for positive change and results to flow.

I Even Have A More Scientific Explanation For All This…

Scientists assume that every particle of which you and I, inlcuding the Earth, the Sun, the Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy in which we live in, and in fact each and every particle that makes up everything in the cosmos, was forged just a fraction of a second after the Big Bang.

Everything in the Solar System – including our bodies – was made from the debris of a very large older star that exploded in a Supernova and left behind it the pre-Solar nebula.

That means we are made of star particles that can be said to interact with matter and energy everywhere.

And how does this phenomenon occur?

The science of “vibes” shows us how…

In an article posted on the Scientific American by Tam Hunt, a philosopher of mind, biology, and physics he states that every physical object, including humans, is vibrating and oscillating.

The more synchronized these vibes are, the more complex our connection with the world around us.When different oscillating things are close together for a time they begin to vibrate in sync.

That applies to neurons in brains, fireflies gathering, the Moon and Earth, or even humans as they talk to each other.This phenomenon is called “spontaneous self-organization.”

As I carried on with my in depth research, I found out that this phenomenon applied in the philosophy of Taoism as well…

Which means that the “spontaneous self-organization” could be used to align humans with the energy of abundance.

As you probably know, every thought and emotion has its own vibrational frequency or wave frequency (scientists have proved this using quantum mechanics)

But here’s the kicker…

Most Think That They Only Need To Change
Their Mentality In Order To Attract The Abundance Reality They’ve Been Praying For…

So what they do is start listening more affirmations and reading more law of attraction books, but that won’t make a difference until you deal with the root cause which lies in your vibration.

The idea that you pursue feeling better all the time is wrong, as pursuing something in the first place only reinforces the fact that you lack it in the first place…

I know that sound completely mind-blowing, but have you noticed that…

Every time you desperately seek to become happy and loved…the lonelier and more afraid you become.

The more you desperately want to be wealthier, the more poor and unworthy you feel, regardless of how much money you make.

One of my favorite analogies regarding this, is to think of mind as a muddy water.

What’s the best way to clear muddy water? Is it to stir it up or try to remove all the dirt particles? That actually creates even more of a mess.

Water clears naturally when we simply allow it to settle.

The ancient philosophers of Taoism came to realize that the human mind works on the same principle.

So instead of trying to grasp, seek, and control, allow yourself to be peaceful so you can return to balance effortlessly.

I know…in today’s hyper-stressful times, it’s not easy to do that.

We’re now living in a society that’s completely disconnected from the natural world.It is run and managed by the twin parasites of government and media: things that were designed to serve the people, but which often end up exploiting and controlling the people.

Unquestioned materialism and rampant greed are destroying us, and the planet on which we live.

All these things are doing to us, is just ‘stirring up that muddy water’ which represents our mind.

But, listen…there is actually a solution to this.

It’s not impossible to achieve that peaceful state and allow the “spontaneous self-organization” do its own thing.

By coming back into alignment with the Tao, the natural pulse of the universe, everything changes.

In the book Simon gave to me, were the exact blueprint on how to make use of this phenomenon the right way…

I was extremely skeptical at first, but I was down to try it as I had little to lose anyways.

After the first use, it seemed a bit weird, but suddenly, I felt what I can only describe as a huge shift in the alignment of my energy.

I felt like I was experiencing some kind of ‘spiritual recomposition’.

Like I was more capable than ever of great achievement in my life…

The biggest change was that I no longer felt like I was going against nature.

My energy and the energy of the outside world were in complete alignment – perhaps for the first time.

It’s hard to describe but this alignment felt like I was in a state of flow in which my life became far easier, less stressful and infinitely more enjoyable.

And I didn’t exactly know how or why… but I felt confident I was going to find a better job, generate more income and provide for my family.

By the end of the second month, I found a job as a stockbroker that pays me 3 to 5 times more than I was earning as a waiter back then…

Soon after, I started having better relationship with my cousins and family and was able to provide a better life for them.

So, I decided to invite Simon, which we had kept in contact ever since my suicide attempt, to a 3 stars Michelin dinner to thank him for saving and changing my life.

We had a great chat over the dinner, talking about how this blueprint has changed my life.

And how I should share it with my family and friends too.

Simon was very supportive and his only condition was that I should ask those whom I have blessed with this blueprint to also donate 5% of their income to good causes that they believe in.

Of course, I agreed, but right after that dinner something strange happened…

He seemed to be completely vanished…

There’s no way to contact him, find him or hear from him again.

It Was As If Simon Was An Angel Sent From The Heaven To Bless Me At My Lowest Point In My Life.

I wished I could tell you everything went smooth sailing from here on…

And that my family and I lived happily ever after.

He defaulted and left the burden of this debt on me.

My life has just turned 360 degrees and this had to happen…

But I didn’t panic, like I used to.

Just like death which is part of the natural cycle, so are challenges, misfortunes and different problems in our life.

That’s why, in order to flow more with the Tao, it would be better not to think of these experiences as punishment, but rather blessings.

Thinking of this situation in that way, not only forced my faith on this blueprint, but also helped me turned my life around once again.

With the right calls on Bitcoin and Gold over the next 12 months, I was able to pay off my debt and much more.

My Clients Have Also Followed Suit Based On My Research
And Made TONS Of Money Alongside Me.

One of them even bought me a brand-new BMW just to say thank you!

More importantly, I have proven to myself once again that this blueprint simply works!

This is when it didn’t seem right to me leaving thousands of people at the mercy of the self-development industry which is full of scammers passing off as Law of Attraction “gurus”…

I wanted to give an opportunity to everyone who wanted to learn and apply this blueprint in their own life.

Because in order to get, you must give first – that’s what I believe.

Now, my mission is to pay it forward and give back to the world, or more specifically to the people who are struggling in a way or another.

So, what I did was simple…

I combine all the information I learned during this time in a single digital program…

But I didn’t just publish it right away. I tried to perfect it over time for LONG lasting success…

Today I’m So Proud To Present To You 

“Ultimate Money Manifestation” Program

Inside it’s a blueprint that has the power to solve all your money problems by attracting more wealth and money opportunities in your life.

And with money, you can buy the most precious commodity on earth before it is too late – Time.

It is therefore a limited slots program because I only want it to benefit the right group of people who are willing to persist and change their life.

I believe God has given me this chance through ‘Simon’ to help others so that I can answer to him in my afterlife.

So, if you are interested in being in charge of your financial destiny, then you need to get this book immediately.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn inside…

Now, since you have already heard the success stories and potential benefits of this blueprint, so tell me…

How much do you think it is worth?

Honestly, I probably figured that I can charge this amount or higher for group coaching and there will still be people willing open their wallets for this…

As you will agree with me, given that it is a LIFETIME blueprint for unlimited wealth manifestation then it is absolutely worth it.

The sooner you get it, the better your life will be…

Based on my personal experience, after using this blueprint I was not only significantly wealthier, but also genuinely happier as I found my true calling in life and mended many key relationships.

However, because I promised my angel Simon that with every person who gains access to this blueprint, he or she must donate 5% of their future income to good causes that they believe in…

“Ultimate Money Manifestation” program has been priced very reasonably to reflect that.

On Top Of That, I Will Also Throw In Some Other
Bonuses Created From My Years Of Research And Experiments To Dramatically Quicken Your Results.

This powerful set of audios will reset your limiting beliefs about money, using a little-known, yet extremely effective psychological trick.

In the last decade, it’s been accepted that the benefits of guided meditation include the ability to improve body’s response to stress.

Now you might be thinking…but isn’t stress a health problem? How does it affect my financial situation?

It’s true that chronic stress can impair the body’s immune system and make many other health problems worse, but by lowering the stress response, guided meditation also causes a few chain reactions…

Scientists have found out that guided meditation are able to influence different pathways in the brain related to stress response, where changing brain structures and activity in regions are associated with emotion regulation.

Our customers are amazed by how effective this method is. As soon as their emotions are regulated, money start flowing like never before.

So, if you’ve ever struggled with negative patterns and limiting beliefs, “Wealth Guided Meditation” is for you.

This book serves as a guideline on how you should use the audios to maximize the potential for your financial and personal growth.

What you’ll gain from this book:

Access To Private FB Group (Priceless)

The people you speak to and create relationships with also play an important role during this program.

That’s why I’m here to help and support you on your journey.

In this FB group you’ll be able to ask whatever questions come to your mind, without thinking twice.

That’s the power of the community.

As soon as you get in you’ll receive a warm, heartfelt welcome!

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Some of you might be thinking to yourself right now…

Hey James, if you are doing this truly to help others, then why can’t it be cheaper or even FREE?

My answer is to you is really simple…

People Take Free Or Cheap Stuff For Granted. Period.

They may even think that because it is so cheap, it is of low quality and not useful, because price often dictates value.

As of result of that, they simply park the book aside without ever visiting it again.

Sounds familiar? I was guilty of that myself for some other blueprint that I have bought.

Not you. This will not happen to you because I want you to be accountable for your results when you make this purchase.

As this is a ridiculously low price, this is the closest thing you are ever going to get in a step-by-step life-changing blueprint.

So, grab your copy before we reach the limited number of slots for it.

I want to make sure you get the most out of “Ultimate Money Manifestation” book.For whatever reasons you’re unsatisfied with it, feel free to request a refund within 365 days of purchase.You can email us via support at ultimatemoneymanifestation.com and we will respond to you promptly on the refund steps.But with all the success stories above as well as this 365-day money back guarantee, the risk of purchasing is really low, so what are you waiting for?

Tom Johnson – Regular Employee

Fergie Michaela – Stylist

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This is a life-changing opportunity.

But not you my friend, because the fact that you are still here suggest to me that you are you are smarter than most people around.

You know the consequences of not implementing the blueprint right now to change your financial destiny.

And that’s why you are still reading this page.

In Fact, It Is Selfish To Ignore Just How The Blueprint Inside “Ultimate Money Manifestation” Is Going To Help You…

The money to pay off your debt and never having to worry about money again.

The ability to break free from the shackles of your 9 to 5 job.

The time freedom to share the key moments of your life with your loved ones.

Simply put, the earlier you purchase this blueprint, the higher the return of your investment!

You have two options before this page will expire due to the limited slots available.

Be skeptical and keep wondering why people around you are getting wealthier and are able to attract all the opportunities in their life. 

Meanwhile, you live your life regretting having not been able to find the ‘money switch’ within you.

Give “Ultimate Money Manifestation” an honest try for a full 60 days and experience the joy of not having to worry about money anymore.

Let the blueprint inside of it do all the work for you while you focus on enjoying the good life!

Plus, even if the worst-case scenario does happen where you couldn’t get the benefits of “Ultimate Money Manifestation”

I will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked.

Thus, the risk is 100% on me.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This Some Kind of Positive Thinking or Wishful Thinking Formula?

In fact, what you have been taught about “positive thinking” and other things such unscientific voodoo are absolutely false.

I’m not one of these guys who is going to stand up and tell you “I’m right and everyone else is wrong! Don’t buy his program! Buy mine!”

That’s a tell-tale sign of a scammer and you should be careful from those who claim to have all the answers while discounting the teachings of others.

“Ultimate Money Manifestation” doesn’t replace the work of any of these great men – it has its own way of solving financial, relationship and spiritual struggles, while staying on track with science.

Is this going to help, even if I have trouble staying focused?

This is one of the reasons why I added 3 bonuses along with the core product.

Using the guided meditation for example, you will not only remove all those limiting beliefs but also motivate yourself to move forward.

“Ultimate Money Manifestation” is really something ANYBODY can do, and I know it will work for you just like it has for so many others.

It goes way beyond any rules in the manifestation community.

How fast before I start seeing results?

The answer is it all depends on the individual and how well you treat the opportunities.

 Most of my students have seen results in the first 30 – 60 days of their journey, but anyway I cannot guarantee the same to you.

The price is too high. I can’t afford it. What can I do?

Maybe you can’t and that’s okay. But let me teach you something…

“I can’t afford it”, often comes from a place of scarcity.

And this is the type of mentality that block people from making their dreams come true.

 It’s the reason why some people win and other fail.

It’s the distinction between successful and not successful people

So please, rethink it one more time and ask a question that comes from a place of abundance.

“Can you afford the way you’re currently thinking?”

How is this program going to help me?

Here are 5 great reasons to invest in “Ultimate Money Manifestation”

1) The ideas you learn in this program can help you succeed in your financial area.

2) You will finally stop worrying about the future of your kids

3) You are going to feel more confident, empowered and happy.

4) You are going to attract opportunities more than ever before

5) Your friends and relatives would want you to reveal your success secrets to them

How does the risk-free money back guarantee work?

Simply give “Ultimate Money Manifestation” a try.

I promise you’ll be amazed by the amazing opportunities that will lie ahead of you in the next 365 days.

The days of struggle will be gone, together with your limiting beliefs and money-worries.

You have a full 365-days (1 year) to decide if “Ultimate Money Manifestation” has met all your expectations.

 So there’s nothing to lose.

If the smallest thing goes wrong, just send me an email and I am going to give back every penny back.

So, go-ahead and claim this amazing offer.

What if it doesn’t work?

I’d like to go with this principle: What you focus on, expands.

So if you don’t focus on the negative, there’s no reason why it won’t work.

I’ve seen that most people do the opposite, and you know how I respond to them?

Hey, but what if it does work? How great your life would be?

When you ask yourself an empowering question, you can only get an empowering answer.

 But when you start questioning the entire process and let fear of failure become greater than it should, you only get an disempowering outcome.

Ultimate Money Manifestation

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