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JDFitMo Smart Rope Bluetooth LED w/ Interactive App, USB Rechargeable Fitness display for ANYONE

Price: $27.97 - $19.57
(as of Nov 03,2022 03:14:54 UTC – Details)

Say Hello to your new source of MOTIVATION!
Today is the day YOU build that confidence and take back control of how YOU want to feel and look. No need to join a gym because no gym sells confidence. Confidence is earned, and you’re EARNING that confidence with each jump you make!

It’s not going to be easy, you’re going to sweat and be sore, but then again, no one said change is easy, HOWEVER, it will be fun!

Never Feel Like You’re Training Alone
With the app you never feel like you’re by yourself, and you can share your journey with friends, even challenge them to a JUMP OFF! Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition, right?

Less Wasted Time Setting Up
Once you adjust the rope to you the first time, which will take all of 3 minutes, you’ll be set for every work out there after WITHOUT wasting precious time, like you would at a gym on a machine you just cant seem to fit yourself right to

Does Anyone Have A Battery?
Once you charge the jump rope, you won’t have to do it again for AT LEAST 30 days AND you can’t forget to do so because there’s a little battery symbol on the handle!

Stop questioning HOW you’re going to feel better and start questioning WHY you haven’t picked up this rope before!

Bluetooth Smart Rope Made Easy- download the app and connect the device to record every jump, calorie burned, time met, goal set and jump routine nailed
Train Your Motivation- app helps to achieve your fitness goals with each use, visually driving your success and accomplishment (w/ handles that record it all and store in the app for later viewing pleasure)
Long Live Battery Life- USB charger makes charging easier and more affordable by not having to always buy batteries. Charge lasts at least 30 days
Adjust for You- easy to understand instructions for use, and adjustability to fit any one, any size
Product Guarantee- you’ll get at least 100k skip/jumps in and still be able to use way after you thought all was lost. If not, contact us and we’ll make sure your fitness success is never hampered


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