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Home VR Eye Mask Cover,DHWELEC Breathable Sweat VR Eye Cover,Washable and Reusable VR Eye Mask,Suitable for Family Gatherings, VR Business Users, VR Experience Stores and Other Scenarios.(4 Pack

Price: $15.99
(as of Nov 05,2022 11:37:53 UTC – Details)

product description:

1. Product features:
(1) Washable, absorb sweat and ventilate, keep dry and easy to use Product Usage:
(2) Suitable for family gatherings, VR business users, VR experience stores and other scenarios
(3) Traditional VR goggles are disposable goggles, which can be washed and reused.
(4) Recommendation: Due to the different ambient temperature, it is recommended to replace it after 20-40 minutes of use, if you feel uncomfortable.
2. The product contains:

4*VR eye mask cover”
【What It Can Do】This at-home VR mask has specific sweat-wicking features to control excessive sweating during short, intense VR fitness sessions of 20-40 minutes, and it actively diverts sweat away from your face and headset while you play, allowing you to You stay cool and dry longer.
【Elastic band design, adjustable size】The VR mask cover is flexible and easy to put on, with a recommended head circumference of up to 23 inches, it fits most head shapes, can be put on in seconds, and lets you start your favorite virtual reality games in no time.
【Easy To Put On】The VR mask can be put on and taken off in seconds. It is suitable for VR entertainment in family gatherings, VR business users, VR experience stores and other scenarios.
【LESS FRICTION, COMFORTABLE TO WEAR】This VR goggle cover isolates the VR gear from your skin, reducing friction and making it more comfortable when you’re using the VR gear for extended periods of time and strenuous exercise.
【4PACK,MORE CHOICE】Four-pack in four colors, you can choose at will. Very useful at home let you share your HMD with family and friends without sharing sweat.Don’t feel hesitation or apprehension as you don a moist HMD after your friend is done with it.


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