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Are you finally ready to get the attention from beautiful women you know you deserve? If so, here are seven of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself:

  Do women consistently ignore you…never paying you the attention you deserve, even though you’re a great guy with so much to offer?

  Have you ever wondered why other guys seem to attract women with the snap of their fingers…while you never even get a woman to smile at you?

  Do you find yourself thinking that “all women are the same”…meaning they’re always interested in some other guy, not you?

  If you catch yourself daydreaming about an adoring woman catering to your every whim, do you immediately pass it off as “impossible”?

  Instead of scrambling to earn approval from women all the time, isn’t it time they were drawn to you magnetically…with almost zero effort? (And hey…isn’t it high time they started clamoring for your favor instead?)

  Are you unsure that you could unleash a woman’s naughtiest sexual fantasies…making her passionate about fulfilling every one of yours?

  Have you become jaded against women in general…no thanks to so many harsh “rejections” and/or a disastrous string of bad experiences?

Did you answer “yes” to one or more of those questions? I’ve been right there with you…and so has every other guy.

It’s as if all you hear these days is negative talk from both men and women about each other. If you’ve been caught up in that dangerous vortex, you already know that it’s getting you nowhere…fast.

There’s no need to beat yourself up over it. I’ve got great news for you. Thankfully, the devastating effects of what society, the media and even some women who’ve grown cynical themselves have told you are fully reversible.

If you suspect that you really have grown pessimistic toward women, perhaps slowly over time, I’m about to erase the frustration and disappointment of the past so you can fall in love with women again. Isn’t that the way things should be?

Better yet, as unthinkable as it may sound, I’m going to show you how to make any woman want to do virtually anything for you. And yes…that goes for inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom and everywhere else.

Take careful note, here. I didn’t say even a single word about tricking, manipulating, intimidating or otherwise cajoling women into anything.

My name is Scot McKay, and I’m going to show you how to make any woman want to do anything for you.

That one little word that I emphasized in that last sentence makes all the difference in the world. AND make no mistake, that’s where all the magic is.

You’ll effortlessly create magnetic intrigue and sexual-charged curiosity, causing even the sexiest, most sought-after princess of a woman to drop everything and fixate on you…or more specifically, on serving you, pleasing you and satisfying you.

Even if she’s been negative towards other men lately, it won’t matter. That’ll go out the window once you finally show up and rock her world.

Men who know this secret realize you’ve got to proceed with extreme caution, or else women will become utterly infatuated or even completely obsessed with you.

It even works on women you’re sure don’t even like you right now. Seriously. None of that matters.

Expect to suddenly start getting VIP treatment from any woman who’s in any position to make your life better in any way possible.

The fastest and easiest way to build rapport with a beautiful, sexy woman is to put her at ease and allow her to trust you.

Enter your e-mail below to get Scot’s free report containing ten simple ways to do that. You’ll also get his tips to being better with women every day in your inbox:

Now, I have to warn you right now. What I’m about to reveal here is NOT for everyone.

If you are a man who can handle consistent (and sometimes unexpected) attention from women everywhere, then keep reading.

You also have to be ready for them to constantly shower love upon you in return…perhaps even passionately so.

You have to want to defeat any nagging frustration over the past once and for all, and be 100% ready to move into a new, previously unseen realm that might seem unreal to you at first.

But…if life has caused you to grow completely bitter and cold-hearted to the point where you flat-out hate women—and you like it that way—then this is not for you. This definitely isn’t for guys who just wish women would all go away.

Only men who want to spend much more quality time with many more women need apply.

If you’re ready, the rewards will be great. Don’t kid yourself…women are practically starving for a man to come along and charm them into blissful, giggly submission.

That can only mean that women’s enthusiastic response your newly-discovered and altogether rare ability to thrill them to no end will be even more stunning.

It’ll be as if the floodgates have been opened to a deluge of feminine favor that has been storing up for you your entire life.

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Women are often referred to as the “female persuasion” for a reason. That’s exactly why my program itself is called Female Persuasion.

In it, I’ll systematically show you a brilliantly effective mindset and the simple, real-world practices that go along with it. Together they’re like catnip to women.

What’s in it for you? Well, at the very least you’ll bask in the pure and constant favor of femininity wherever you go.

But prepare to be shocked…if you’ve ever believed that beautiful women are usually cold and snobby, I’m about to hand you the treasure map that will turn the tables on that FOREVER.

You’ll flip the “sex kitten” switch, making those same women giggle with spellbound delight whenever you’re in their presence. Prepare to be left speechless by the massive difference you’ll witness.

By now you may be asking, “What could possibly be that much of a game changer?” But see, that’s the beauty of the art of female persuasion. So few men have this wisdom that when women see it in real life they’re nothing short of mesmerized by it.

The truth is that Female Persuasion is so powerful that it doesn’t matter whether you’re single, have a girlfriend or are even married. You can start enjoying the adoration of ALL women you interact with on a daily basis, whether it’s sexual or not…and the countless benefits are mind-blowing.

And yes…when you know the simple but elusive secrets I’m about to show you, even the woman you care about the most will glow with renewed desire for you and become your own private cheerleader.

A life lived without the constant, overflowing adoration of women everywhere is a life half lived. Yet most guys automatically assume it’s all a “pipe dream”.

But I’m living proof that everything in life changes dramatically for the better when you charm women’s socks off.

Women actually compete for your affection…sometimes before your very eyes.

They can’t wait to get their hands on you and do naughty things with you.

You receive unexpected gifts…sometimes from women you don’t even know.

You also get VIP treatment from any woman you encounter… anywhere.

You never even have to chase down the waitress to get your iced tea refilled anymore.

Imagine looking forward to interacting with every woman you see instead of wrestling with confusion and anxiety again, for the 1000th time. How terrific would it be to get psyched about meeting women and talking to them instead of dreading it?

And the very best part of all? It’s not like we have to keep any secrets from women.

Believe it or not, virtually every woman you’ve ever met desperately wishes that every man would wake up to the deeply-embedded truths that I’m going to share with you.

That’s right, women want you to know this stuff. In fact, based on what I see on a daily basis they’re waiting rather impatiently for us as men to hurry up and figure it out.

Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

You already know all about how particularly desirable women use their “feminine wiles” to get sometimes unsuspecting men like you and me to do favors for them all the time.

How does that work? And here’s an even better question:  Why do we actually love to do things for the women who capture our attention? It’s not like they have to beg us.

Well, right here and right now—for the first time ever—I’m going to reveal a shocking reality to you. That super-magnetic power that women have been experts at using to their distinct advantage for centuries is not gender specific.

That’s right, you too can harness that very same force of human nature. That is, should you choose to recognize it and activate it.

All of that power resides deep within you already, even as we speak. Call it “masculine wiles”, if you will…but the important thing to know that your very essence as a man has an equally real, verifiable hyper-ability to mesmerize women into a feminine trance of adoration and desire.

Yes, you can make them do anything for you, and love every second of it…all because they can’t help but be fascinated by you. And no, you’ll never have to beg, borrow or steal to make it all happen. It’s plain and simple:  Women will be drawn to you so powerfully because they just can’t resist you.

They’ll absolutely, positively love being around you and making you happy.

In other words, you really, truly can wield the power of sexual favor exactly like women often use it on us as men.

But see, the problem is that most men have no idea that this almost mystical capability to charm women is available to them, ready to be tapped into. And even if they suspect it exists, they haven’t the foggiest idea how to activate this bona-fide superpower for themselves.

Well, today is the day the veil gets lifted and everything changes for the better. That’s because every bit of the truth about making women want to do literally anything for you is right here for you in Female Persuasion.

Each Premium Audio program delivers a mission-critical component to the overall mindset that will magnetically draw women to you like moths to a flame…earning their favor and enjoying their feminine gifts all the while.

I’ve invited a number of world-famous special guests to join me on several of the audios, each contributing his or her valuable expertise. That ensures all the more that you’ll receive every shred of knowledge and all the skill you’ll need to achieve massive success.

Premium Audio #1:
Main Presentation

Secrets To Making Any Woman Want To Do Anything For You

Most men live in a world full of stone-faced women who barely ever even notice them. From this day forward, however, you’ll be the one man who those other guys look upon with slackjawed respect.

After all, you’ll bask in the glow of women’s favor everywhere you go, having charmed them using the brilliant, previously unknown secrets you’ll discover in this audio program.

The extreme personal power you’ll have over women will be perfectly natural and masculine, therefore welcomed by women everywhere who’ve all been wondering where the real men had gone.

Best of all, you’ll never have to resort to underhanded tricks, petty manipulation or anything else inauthentic in any way. Be the man who boldly knows what he wants, and watch in awe as women literally adore you for it.

WARNING:  This program contains potent truth that most men will never know, and which many couldn’t handle even if they had access to it. As such, it’s NOT for everyone.

Premium Audio #2:
Practical Examples

Your Step-By-Step Plan Of Action

Knowledge is power, but only if you use it to your advantage. In this audio program you’ll discover a wealth of objective, real-world ways you can make women everywhere love you and want to do wonderful things for you.

As a man of masculine influence, you’ll walk confidently in the favor of femininity…instantly recognized as a man whose talk and his actions are to be acted upon. It’s actually easy when you know the simple steps.

Premium Audio #3:
Secrets To Being Charming

He who is charming gets the girl…and that’s the way it’s always been. But what does it really mean to be that guy? And how do you get it right without coming across in a way that just makes a woman roll her eyes?

Join the master of charm Adam Gilad and me as we give you practical, objective ways to literally enthrall a woman with your words, your actions and indeed your very presence. From now on, you can plan on grabbing her attention and holding on to it…all in a way that makes her want to be good to you.

Premium Audio #4:
How To Read Her Type

When it comes to women, you just can’t take a “one size fits all” approach. There are different types of women out there, and the more you know about what makes each of them tick the more success you’ll enjoy…period.

For this fast-paced audio program I’m joined by none other than Bobby Rio of TSBmag.com, who has done a lot of thinking about how to relate to introverted women, extroverted women and every woman in between. As he breaks it all down for you, you’ll sense immediately just how much of an advantage he’s handing over to you.

Premium Audio #5:
Identifying Women Who Are Givers Instead Of Takers

If you want to enjoy the favor of a woman who’ll do anything for you, it stands to reason that you’ll need to avoid the selfish ones who only think about themselves.

Dean Cortez stops by all the way from the Philippines to spill all of his hard-earned secrets. In this audio you’ll discover how to know right from the very start which women have generous hearts, even as you quickly root out manipulators who are only seeking a relationship with you for personal gain.

Why focus on women who’ll surely syphon all of your energy and resources away from you when there are so many beautiful, sexy women out there who will bring you only happiness?

Premium Audio #6:
Finding Women Who Love To Do Guy Stuff

How To Turn Your Next Girlfriend Into Your Willing Accomplice

Sure, women love to go shoe shopping. They tend to watch some pretty wacked-out melodrama on TV, too.

But don’t get fooled into believing that you and any real, feminine woman you’re in a relationship with should live completely separate lives. Will she necessarily have totally different interests from yours simply because she’s female?

Don’t you believe it…even for a second. The plain truth is that you can (and should) find yourself a sexy cutie who’s game for just about anything that sounds like fun to you…no matter what it is. Let’s get real, here. I know first-hand that’s the only way to go, and I’m going to show you exactly how to make it happen.

Premium Audio #7:
How to Get Her To Like You Immediately

Why fall into the trap of believing that it’s got to take practically forever to get a woman to really, truly like you? The fact of the matter is that when you’ve got the know-how, you can make a woman genuinely hot for you in no time flat.

Zach Browman may be well known for making women laugh, but as you’re about to find that’s only the start. You can break down the social walls of even the most guarded women who’ve been hurt in the past, or who are just flat-out shy. Expect to pocket some pure gold from this audio.

Premium Audio #8:
Make Her Want To Go Out With You

The Secrets Of Men Who Are Naturally Good With Women

They don’t memorize “routines” and they don’t recite a bunch of lines. But they do something that makes women love them and actually crave the opportunity to go out with them.

I’m talking, of course, about those particularly gifted men among us who have probably never even heard of the “Pickup Community”, but who are nevertheless able to approach women, start conversation with them and attract them with practically zero effort.

For the first time ever I’ve identified exactly what these guys do to make the magic happen. Prepare to have your mind-blown as I reveal for you previously unknown strategies that “naturals” use, perhaps without even realizing it.

From now on, you can enjoy those same insurmountable advantages when meeting women…the ones that any guy who’s still in the “dark ages” of canned pickup techniques will never be able to run with.

This audio is truly one of the “crown jewels” of Female Persuasion, and you’ll surely listen to it again and again.

Premium Audio #9:
Get Her To Call Back And Show Up

There’s nothing more irritating than getting a woman’s phone number only to have her not return your voice mail. Well, actually…maybe there is something even more annoying. That’s making what you thought were firm plans with her, only to have her “flake out” on you.

Well, my main man Carlos Xuma and I are all about making that humiliating pattern a thing of the past for you. In this audio we’ll not only show you how to get women to return your calls and keep their promises, we’ll fork over the closely-guarded secrets to making them straight-up excited to talk to you and see you again.

Premium Audio #10:
How To Make Women Horny On First Dates Without Really Trying

Yes, it’s true. If you’re masculine power is tuned up to where it should be, you have the ability to make virtually every woman you go out with physically hot for you on the very first date…even as she’s sitting across the table from you at a coffee shop or a restaurant.

Better yet, she’ll actually start fantasizing about all the horny things she’d love for you to do to her.

How can you be so sure that what I’m telling you is true? That’s simple. Don’t take my word for it, take Emily’s. Listen in as my lovely and talented wife spills the beans, gladly letting go of secrets that most women will closely guard for a lifetime.

And you can rest assured that we’ve backed every bit of what’s revealed in this program with practical steps for recreating this powerful phenomenon with the women you meet. The greatest part of all is that the less you actually try so hard, the more likely she is to get uncontrollably horny. Just wait until you hear why…

Premium Audio #11:
Get Her To Say “Yes” To Sex

Who better to join me for this audio program than the author of Get Her To Say “Yes” herself, Allana Pratt?

Allana spends so much time singing the praises of great sex to both men and women that you can only expect she’s going to throw down a non-stop stream of objective ways you can make the woman in your life absolutely psyched to get down and go for it with you.

All I can say for now is that she didn’t disappoint. Plan on getting some priceless insight into what goes on inside a woman’s sexual mind.

Premium Audio #12:
Willing Sex Partners

There’s no way any program called Female Persuasion would be complete without a complete, full-length session on how to make a woman want to do anything for you in the bedroom, right?

Since Alex Allman is basically our “resident sexpert” around here, I knew from the very start that he was the only the man for the job.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting a woman to perform oral sex, “back door” sex and/or anything else that you’d love to have tried with her, then this will be one of the most valuable audios you’ve ever experienced.

Pay particularly close attention as Alex equips you with stunning ways to unwire women’s sexual inhibitions and even any past negative experiences they’ve had.

Premium Audio #13:
Bring Out Her Inner Bad Girl And Make Her Want To Be Naughty For You

If having a woman in your life who’s your willing sex partner is nice, then having one who eagerly unleashes her dirtiest, naughtiest side any chance she gets is off the charts.

Don’t kid yourself. Virtually every woman really, truly wants you to unlock that side of her sexual persona. And it’s safe to say that once you’ve succeeded at doing so, you’ll have achieved the ultimate in what this entire Female Persuasion program is all about.

My friend David Shade is the world-renowned master at teaching men like you and me how to give women incredible pleasure, and in this audio you’ll have the rare opportunity to get his no-holds-barred teaching on how to make a woman go stark raving wild for you in a frenzy of sexual energy.

Each of David’s own programs go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So without question, this is an audio program that no man should miss.

Premium Audio #14:
Make Her Obsessed With You

“Wing Girl” Marni Kinrys joins me to offer her uniquely female perspective on how truly simple it is for a man to make the woman of his dreams think about him non-stop.

Now, whether or not you really want a woman to be so into you that you become her obsession is for you to decide. But at the very least, if you’re crazy about her it’s especially nice if she’s at least as head over heels for you in return.

What Marni reveals is how to make absolutely sure she’s all about you, with zero possibility of any other man getting in your way.

Premium Audio #15:
Reverse Engineering “Feminine Wiles”

Featuring Mirabelle Summers

In this premium audio, Mirabelle Summers from Meet Your Sweet goes into frank, uncensored detail about how it is that sexy, attractive women can compel us as men to do just about anything for them.

But here’s the twist. We as men almost always are more than happy to do whatever such women want, right? Have we been tricked, or is there something very real there that describes the “dance” between men and women?

Well, stay tuned to this audio because what Mirabelle says about how men really can (and should) have a similar effect on women (in reverse) will both shock and motivate you. And then, of course, we’ll show you how to do exactly that.

Premium Audio #16:
Setting Women Free To Adore You

Featuring Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham is well-known for being a world-class expert on erotic hypnosis. Amazingly, he’s completely forthright about his skills with women, and they literally line up to submit to his amazing skill.

What…you mean there are no mind games involved? No trickery? Certainly not. Women literally love how Mark makes them feel, and you’re about to find out exactly how he “sets the stage” for his real-world magic.

Specifically, you’re about to get an insider’s viewpoint on how to free any woman from social constraints, negative programming about men and even the effects of traumatic past experiences–just by following a few simple steps.

Obviously, if you’re that guy women will definitely want to do anything for you.

Discover first-hand why psychologists, doctors and even priests often have women throwing themselves at them. But unlike those guys who need to remain professional, you can act on women’s sexual interest in a powerful way.

Premium Audio #17:
Long-Term Relationships

Featuring Michelle Terrell

Does your influence as a high quality, masculine man end once you have a great woman in your life? Of course not. In fact, it can and should be stronger than ever.

Michelle Terrell from The Attraction Studio has powerful ideas on exactly how to make sure the woman of your dreams continues to want to do amazing things for you for as long as the two of you are together.

You’re sure to be amazed when you hear what she has to say. It’s as if she’s spilling women’s deepest secrets about what truly captivates them and makes them want to show unending adoration toward their man.

This audio is a must for any man who wants a healthy, long-lasting relationship with a great woman.

Premium Audio #18:
How To Avoid Getting Controlled By Women

Making women want to do anything for you is an incredible skill. But how can you defend against the tables getting turned so that women end up getting you to do a bunch of things for them…especially stuff you don’t want to do?

I mean, it’s one thing for men and women to give to each other. But it’s another thing altogether to be treated like a doormat. How will you make sure you don’t fall prey to a purely selfish woman and end up getting “henpecked” to an early death?

Seriously, waking up to find yourself “p-whipped” is every man’s worst nightmare. But fortunately, up-and-coming relationship expert Matt Cook joins me on this audio to give you a step-by-step plan to make sure it will never happen to you.

Certain topics just flat-out lend themselves to the written word rather than the spoken word.

Enjoy these special reports…each of which packs the power of an entire e-book, but in a compact fluff-free package that will take you about ten minutes to read or less.

Special Report #1:
5 Ways To Make Women Want To Do Nice Things For You

This report encapsulates the main principles behind getting women to want to do literally anything for you. Once armed with these disarmingly simple ideas, you’ll effortlessly inspire even the sharpest, most beautiful women anywhere to crave your presence…and they’ll reward you richly for gracing them with it.

Special Report #2:
The Easy Way To Make Her Feel More Comfortable With You

Let’s face it…if a woman feels uneasy or skittish around you, it’s going to be hard to have any masculine influence over her whatsoever. In this report you’ll discover genius ways to smoothly and naturally cause her to feel like she’s known you for ten years, not ten minutes.

Special Report #3:
What To Do If You Think Women Have All The Power

If you’ve ever found yourself believing that women hold the cards and call all the shots in relationships, then this report is for you. Find out the real truth about the natural power you already possess over women, why they want you to exercise it freely, and how disappointed they are when you don’t.

Special Report #4:
“I Can’t Get Any Women To Go Out With Me”

Has a string of bad luck with women practically caused you to raise the white flag and give up? Well, don’t throw in the proverbial towel on it all just yet. The straight talk in this report is exactly what you need to turn everything around bring you the success with women you deserve.

Special Report #5:
3 Ways To Warm Up Cold Phone Numbers

Have you ever scored a woman’s phone number but just never got around to calling her? Well, as you’re about to find out in this report, all is not lost. Not by a long shot. Try these ingenious ways to reconnect and watch in amazement as the sparks are rekindled.

Special Report #6:
How To Tell How Interested She Is In You

How valuable would it be to have a crystal ball that could reveal what any woman really thinks and feels about you? Well now you have one. Enjoy.

Special Report #7:
Three Magic Words That Melt Women

Nope. They’re definitely not the first three words that probably came to mind. They are however, three other simple, single-syllable words that women all adore hearing, but don’t ever hear often enough of from men. Step up to the plate, charm her and thrill her…all in a way that most men will never even think to do.

Special Report #8:
How Far Will Women Follow Your Lead?

The story I share with you in this report is altogether astonishing, but it’s also 100% true. If you have any doubt whatsoever that women are really, honestly hard wired to respond powerfully to your lead as a man, this will surely put them to rest.

Special Report #9:
The Difference Between “Friendly” And “Flirting”

It’s a question that has vexed men the world over for generations. But from now on, you’ll be empowered to know on the spot whether a woman’s apparent flirtation is truly what it appears to be…even if she’s a “hired gun” who works for tips.

Special Report #10:
How To Keep From Getting “Gamed” By Women

You don’t have to manipulate or trick a woman in order to make her want to do terrific things for you. But unfortunately, there are women out there who are all about using such underhanded tactics on us as men. Here’s how to immediately sense when a woman’s playing mind games with you, and better yet–how to put the kibosh on them quickly and painlessly.

Special Report #11:
How To Make Emotional Energy Work FOR You Instead Of AGAINST You

Make no mistake about it. If you lose your cool, you lose the girl…every single time. Finally, here are the elusive secrets to harnessing your emotional energy in a way that excites women about you instead of killing your chances with them.

Special Report #12:
The “Boomerang Compliment”

Knowing how to compliment a woman the right way is a one of those must-have skills. Get it wrong and you’ll look needy and desperate. Get it right and you’ll charm her to no end. But when you really master it, she’ll even go so far as to gush approval in your direction.

Special Report #13:
5 Times When Masculine Leadership Will Probably Backfire

Yes, you want to be a strong, confident leader. That turns women on, most definitely. But…there are rare situations when you’d better back off or else risk losing everything you have with a woman. If you’ve ever been caught by surprise by any of the deceptively tricky situations revealed in this report, then you already know how much reading it years ago could have saved you from a world of trouble.

Special Report #14:
How To Build Trust In Record Time

As the old saying goes, “trust takes time”. Find out in this report why that’s not necessarily the case. You can bypass a woman’s natural defense mechanisms and almost immediately put her at perfect ease in your presence. This is one report that should definitely only be in the hands of men who have a woman’s best interest at heart, so be sure to use the information in it wisely and ethically.

Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

I’ve spent years carefully observing women’s behavior, working with guys who tend to see similar frustrating patterns unfold in their lives, and diligently field-testing every shocking discovery I’ve made through trial and error.

Now, I’ve compiled every bit of that groundbreaking information on charming women and making them want to do anything for you into over twelve full hours of audio and a series of special reports that I’m now ready release to the world.

And thanks to some strategic help from a host of my friends who are world-class experts in dating, sexuality and female psychology, you’ll have access to yet even more truth about how to earn women’s favor…anytime, anywhere.

As you’ve already no doubt taken note of, some of those experts are indeed women, giving stunning credibility to my claim that women really, truly want for you to know what’s in this program.

Best of all, even though Female Persuasion is literally jam-packed with fluff-free content, I’ve arranged every shred of it so that it’s not only simple to understand but also easy to transfer into reality in your daily life.

Truly, this is your best way to go directly from “zero” to “hero” in the hearts and minds of every woman who ever steps into your world from this day forward.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a brief list of the points you’ll find covered in Female Persuasion:

Gain the “insider secret” that men who are naturally amazing with women all know instinctively…even as most teachers of pickup and dating advice teach the EXACT OPPOSITE. Be in the know and transform your success with women forever. [Premium Audio #1]

Step-by-step ways to quickly and effectively establish EXACTLY how a woman will treat you…whether it’s the waitress who’ll serve you for the next thirty minutes, or the woman you plan to spend a lifetime with. [Premium Audio #1

How to get amazing first-class treatment from any woman…even if you’re with ANOTHER woman at the time. [Premium Audio #1]

The disarmingly simple way to transform even the coldest “ice queen” into a giggly, touchie-feelie sweetheart with one simple motion. (You’ll laugh and shake your head at how easy this is…yet most guys completely miss it.) [Premium Audio #1]

The GOLDEN secret to never giving your power away to women, instead wielding it like a knight would a mighty sword. (And best of all, women will LOVE you for it.) [Premium Audio #2]

The all-important FIRST STEP to inspiring women to absolutely adore you. (This works like MAGIC.) [Premium Audio #2]

The one FOOLPROOF sign to look for that proves for sure that a woman is so CHARMED by you that she’s practically ready to eat out of your hand. [Premium Audio #2]

Know the crucial difference between the LIGHT SIDE and the DARK SIDE of being charming…and make sure you choose the right path every time. [Premium Audio #3]

How to charm a woman effortlessly and completely…without ever being cheesy or coming off as needy and desperate. [Premium Audio #3]

The genius system for finding out what any woman is excited about…and using that information to TURN HER ON sexually. [Premium Audio #4]

How to gently coax the playful, flirty side out of any woman…even if you OR she is an introvert. [Premium Audio #4]

The COSTLY mistake that almost all men make that dooms them to attracting selfish, deceptive women who’ll only take without ever giving. [Premium Audio #5]

How to immediately identify women with HEARTS OF GOLD…and then magnetically attract them with your natural charm. [Premium Audio #5]

The brilliant but practically unknown strategy for finding women who already love to do the same things YOU enjoy doing. [Premium Audio #6]

The “hidden” advantage to knowing everything you can about a woman’s past and her upbringing. (This is like being clairvoyant.) [Premium Audio #6]

How to make women laugh without having to be a comedian. In fact, it’s even easier if you don’t even TRY to be funny. [Premium Audio #7]

Discover wildly powerful body-language strategies specifically geared to making women crave your presence. [Premium Audio #7]

The absolutely MISSION-CRITICAL step to compelling women to NEED you in their lives…even when you’ve just met them. (No pickup artists have the GUTS to teach this.) [Premium Audio #8]

The ONE THING you’d better do at the very beginning of ANY interaction with a woman…or else she’s going to lose interest and walk away every time. [Premium Audio #8]

Once and for all, how to “FLAKEPROOF” your dating life. Make sure EVERY woman you make plans with follows through from now on…and does so because she CAN’T WAIT to see you. [Premium Audio #9]

The counter-intuitive truth about what women are REALLY trying to avoid when they cancel dates. (Hint: It’s not necessarily YOU.) [Premium Audio #9]

The TRAGIC error that virtually all men make when trying to impress a woman that inevitably leads to the “Just Be Friends Zone” instead of the bedroom. [Premium Audio #10]

Super smooth ways to get inside a woman’s mind and FLIP THE SWITCH on instant, primal horniness in a way that would make even James Bond jealous. [Premium Audio #10]

How to access the powerful triggers in a woman’s mind that blast away her insecurities and make her ready and willing to be your sex vixen. [Premium Audio #11]

Did you know that women really want you to take them on a JOURNEY to the bedroom? Here’s EXACTLY what that means, and how to successfully pull it off. [Premium Audio #11]

What to say to a woman so that she’ll do anything you want her to do in the bedroom (and exactly HOW to say it). [Premium Audio #12]

How to avoid every BONEHEADED error that the vast majority of guys make when it comes to sex, all but sealing their frustration in the process. [Premium Audio #12]

What it takes to transform even the most RESERVED woman into a dirty “BAD GIRL” in the bedroom. (And she’ll THANK YOU for it.) [Premium Audio #13]

What every man MUST do before he even can even HOPE to bring out a woman’s NAUGHTIEST sexual nature. [Premium Audio #13]

Hear from a woman what goes through HER mind when she’s becoming genuinely ATTRACTED to a man. [Premium Audio #14]

The sure-fire way to make sure that a woman thinks about you CONSTANTLY. (Wait until you hear how BASIC this is.) [Premium Audio #14]

Get the first-person perspective from a WOMAN on why it’s so easy for them to get men to do whatever they want…and how you can have the EXACT SAME EFFECT on women. [Premium Audio #15]

The majority of men cause a woman to feel THIS emotion, which universally KILLS any chance they’ll ever have at attract her (and it’s probably NOT what you’d guess it is). [Premium Audio #15]

The shocking reason why some men NEVER see the “wild sex kitten” side of the woman in their life…even after they MARRY her. [Premium Audio #16]

It’s hands down THE most effective way to help set a woman free from her fears and worries, yet most guys habitually do the EXACT OPPOSITE. [Premium Audio #16]

The one way in which even the most modern, independent woman will ALWAYS need a man in her life…and it’s not what you think. Give this to a woman and she’ll be loyal to you (and ONLY you) forever. [Premium Audio #17]

The mind blowing reason why YOUR emotions actually have more impact on a relationship than HERS….yet most men never figure it out. [Premium Audio #17]

It’s often one of the first changes we make in our lives when we get into a relationship with a woman, and it’s also the BIGGEST indicator that we’re already on the road to getting “p-whipped”. Know what it is and guard against it forever. [Premium Audio #18]

The single most powerful way to regain a woman’s respect for you in one simple step. (Hint: You really can be IN CONTROL without being a CONTROLLING jerk.) [Premium Audio #18]

So let’s cover all the important details, just to be sure…

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Nonetheless, I’m going to share with you all of the secrets to charming women and thrilling them that will make bad dates a lot less likely to happen in your life.

Ultimately, Female Persuasion is not only the most complete system for making women adore you to no end, it’s also the most advanced. There is a multitude of truth in it that you will find nowhere else.

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Extra Value Bonus #1–Making Women Feel Safe And Comfortable, with Eric Edgemont

Women are much more concerned with personal safety on dates than men are. If you’re one of the few and the proud among us as men who know the importance of making a woman feel safe and secure in his presence, then you’re already well on your way to massive success with women.

In this audio, you’ll get the practical steps you need to get you the rest of the way there. Eric Edgemont from WomenDesireYou.com joins me in dropping all of the knowledge you’ll need.

Extra Value Bonus #2–Taming “Alpha” Women, with Christy Whitman

So what does it take to charm the socks off of a woman who’s just a little sharper and a little quicker than most? Christy Whitman is a self-proclaimed “recovering ‘alpha’ bitch”, so she knows a thing or two about taming women who are a bit of a “handful”.

Rest assured, she’s completely cool and laid-back nowadays. But I’ve got to tell you, there’s absolutely nobody more qualified to throw down the secrets to handling a badass woman than this lady.

Listen in and take careful notes because there’s really nothing more rewarding than having a particularly smart and successful women think you’re the greatest of all time.

Extra Value Bonus #3–Accessing Higher Level Social Circles, with Greg Greenway

Greg Greenway knows what it’s like to live like a rockstar…complete with the jet-setting adventures and yes, the stunningly beautiful women.

But what’s more, he’s ready and able to impart everything he knows to you also. Think of it…not only can you charm and intrigue any woman you want, you can use your skills to run with the in-crowd.

And hey…even if you’d just like to get some more respect at work and/or on the golf course, Greg’s got you covered. This audio truly packs some amazing value.

Extra Value Bonus #4–Christian Hudson Interviews Scot McKay

Recently, The Social Man’s Christian Hudson interviewed me…and man, did he ever squeeze a wealth of completely original content out of me.

All of this is for your benefit, of course, as you’re sure to rake in literally dozens of practical insights that will help you get better with women immediately. You’ll even find out why a happily married guy like me is able to be so effective coaching guys “in-field”. (Hint:  It has everything to do with the core principles of Female Persuasion.)

This full-length audio could very easily be sold as a stand-alone product, so I’m sure you’ll be amazed that I included it as a bonus.

Extra Value Bonus #5–First Impressions, with Joui Tarandot

You may not have heard of Joui Tarandot just yet, but you most certainly will.

She’s an expert in creating solid first impressions, and works closely with our friends over at AMP in San Francisco. In this audio, she reveals her most brilliant ideas on how to make the very best first impression on women humanly possible.

I trust you can easily see how powerful a feather in your cap that will be as a man who walks in the favor of beautiful women everywhere.

Extra Value Bonus #6–Excerpt From Getting Her To “Yes”, with Allana Pratt

After introducing you to the wild, passionate lusciousness that is Allana Pratt in the Premium Audio section, I figured it was fitting to give you a “sneak preview” into her amazing new course on getting women to say “yes”.

Believe me, nothing could be more appropriate to the scope of Female Persuasion than that. Prepare to hang on every word as Allana gives you a golden glimpse into the minds of women everywhere.

Extra Value Bonus #7–Secrets To Romantic Massage, with Trace Loft

If you want to know how to inspire a woman to get physical with you sooner than later, just let your fingers do the talking.

At least, that’s what X & Y Communications’ own Trace Loft of MassageYourDate would tell you. And frankly, I believe he’s on to something.

In this audio I get Trace to spill all of his secrets on getting a woman so worked up that she’s practically begging you to give her all the pleasures that you’ve been withholding from her until that point. Believe me when I tell you that having such a skill as that definitely does not suck.

Extra Value Bonus #8–How To Date Younger Women, with Marni and Nicki Kinrys

What a rambunctious audio program this one is.

Not only will you hear from “Wing Girl” Marni Kinrys, you’ll get the invaluable perspective of her 23-year-old sister Nicki also

What does it all add up to? That’s simple…you’re about to be armed with every shred of insight you need to successfully attract and charm younger women at will. You just can’t beat that.

Extra Value Bonus #9–How To Set Up Your Bachelor Pad, with Daniel Harper

Daniel Harper holds the intriguing dual distinction of being both a savvy dating coach and an international poker expert. So you can imagine how “pimped out” his place must be.

But it all won’t be left to your imagination for long. That’s because in this audio program Daniel freely forks over everything he knows about setting up your “bachelor pad” for maximum female satisfaction.

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Fast Action Bonus #1– LIVE 1-On-1 Phone Consultation

Just to clarify, this is not some group teleseminar. I realize you may have very unique questions and/or sticking points specific to your own experience. This 1-on-1 call with me is your big chance to get custom-tailored answers to your most unique questions along with solutions for your particular sticking points.

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But make no mistake, I’ve got the same 24 hours in my day as anyone else, so I simply cannot keep this bonus online for long at all.

In this ultra-rare audio program, you’ll hear world-class sexpert David Shade interview me. The topic of the day? How to make women hot for you using only your words, actions and even your thoughts…and keep them simmering with ever-increasing sexual desire until you’re good and ready for them to explode later.

Now actually, what we’re talking about here is something that women will absolutely love you for. After all, deep down it’s what their glorious female minds naturally crave.

No kidding…I too love how powerful this stuff is, and before long you’ll understand exactly why that’s so. I’m sure you’ll gladly be on board as well.

By special arrangement with the conference promoters, I’m happy to bring you the video footage of my special live presentation from the Real Man Conference 2010 in Aachen, Germany.

All I can say is that I was voted the official #1 speaker for the entire conference by the guys who attended, all of whom gave me a 30-second “standing O” when I was done. Clearly, they thoroughly enjoyed my talk on what it means to be a “big four” man, and I trust you will also.

For over a decade–since the very first day our doors opened back in 2005–all X & Y Communications programs have been protected by our 100%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Following that steadfast tradition, we proudly stand by Female Persuasion.

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Chances are, you answered either one or the other of those questions with a resounding “yes”.

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For most guys, such a revolutionary transformation is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. In fact, living in the constant favor of high quality women everywhere is a priceless concept in the mind of just about every man.

Yet, I guarantee results. I can do so confidently, having seen first-hand the kind of undeniable evidence that proves my system of Female Persuasion flat-out works.

I’m convinced that a charmed life full of high quality women that exceeds even your loftiest expectations can be yours if you make the decision today to accept the opportunity that I am offering to you: To see nothing short of a monumental shift in how women respond to you from this moment forward.

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I look forward to delivering Female Persuasion to you today.

P.S.  Female Persuasion is something I am TRULY PASSIONATE about. I’ve lived the kind of life talked about on this page, and I GUARANTEE you can and will also.

P.P.S.  Remember…women really do respond to your masculine leadership. Are you going to lead them to adore you and want to please you, or are you going to turn them away? The choice is yours…

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