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Candida Diet Solution – 60-Day Long Anti-Candida Strategy | 388 pages and 200 recipes

Product Name: Candida Diet Solution – 60-Day Long Anti-Candida Strategy | 388 pages and 200 recipes

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60-Day Long Anti-Candida Strategy

200 Candida Fighting Recipes in 9 Categories

24h Rapid Relief Guide – for an instant fix

‘Detoxify’ Your Body From Sugars, Additives And Chemicals

Immune System Recovery & Boosters

Defeat Stress – Change Your Agony Into Pure Energy

Candida Infections, Probiotics & Aromatherapy

Get all the info you’ll ever need – guides, recipes and a meal plan!

Get all of the ingredients from your local grocery store

No sugars, no additives, no gluten – only healthy ingredients

Embarrassing symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, migraines, food allergies, thrush and digestive issues are a constant reminder of our bodies trying to deal with a candida overgrowth, and recurring infections and countless other health-related problems are a sad reality for thousands of us suffering from this horrible condition.

The biggest problem with this affection is the absence of solid information and lack of access to a real holistic strategy. Without that – thousands of people all around the world are condemned to go through the never-ending cycle of reccuring symptoms and disturbing signs of chronic candida yeast infections.

Doctor visits cost hundreds of dollars and pills, herb and supplements don’t work,  because they don’t address the most important elements of candida infections. Why keep on doing the same thing, hoping to get different results – over and over again?

We know you want something sure that will work for you, and will get rid of suffering, symptoms and feeling of not being yourself. Are you frustrated, or just simply angry that you can’t find a cure that you now exists?

Imagine waking up in let’s say a month away from now, imagine the moment when you realize there will be no more itching, no more rashes, no more fatigue. You are in a good mood, happy and ready to face the day ahead. You are full of energy and all the symptoms are gone! Imagine that it’s all possible – thanks to our Candida holistic protocol.

Stay  just a couple of minutes on our website  and we’ll show you how to get rid of the horrible candida overgrowth symptoms, and how to use our amazing program and diet to get rid of your candida overgrowth. We will show you why so many people are wrong about how to get rid of it, and how depending on drugs and supplements can damage your body. We will share with you an amazing amount of information never before available in a free presentation! Get ready to learn the hidden truths behind real candida treatment that will give you your life back and destroy the horrible symptoms of candida yeast infections – for good.

The most crucial information you have to know to successfully get your health back is this:

Number one – what candida yeast infection is actually, and why does it cause so much trouble,

Number two – why the advertised supplements, diets and pills won’t work,

And number three – our unique holistic system.

If you’ve heard about the ‘Candida Diet Solution’ before, you already know that it’s completely different from all the other books – it’s not only based on research, but it’s also  highly customizable to your condition, and full of 200 recipes and 388 pages of all the information  you will ever need on the subject. It’s a comprehensive, life changing tool complete with recipes, a full 60-day plan with diet, guides on detoxifying your body, sleep, managing stress, recovering your immune system, getting rid of sugar cravings, a list of foods to eat and avoid, quick relief guide, and all of the amazing bonuses that we will talk about in just a moment. Our system works for both men and women.

You can stop the digestive disorders, depression, rashes, skin related infections and other symptoms. You will save thousands of dollars on pills, supplements and doctor visits. You will get your health back, start feeling fresh and rested in the morning.
Read this presentation to the very end, follow our instructions and you will be amazed how fast you are regaining your vitality and good mood. If you’re taking supplements or pills, what you’re doing now can damage your body, but there’s a better, and safer way.
Now before we continue, you have to know this –  this is not a sales-page for another pill or supplement  that will only cover the symptoms of candida overgrowth, and empty your pockets. It’s not some crazy herb or remedy. It’s a powerful holistic system that’s based on years of research and hundreds of scientific papers (that are available at the bottom of this page).

Cutting out sugar and junk food from your daily routine can truly work wonders on your body and mind. Without even mentioning the huge amounts of money some of us (raise your hand!) are spending on junk food every week, switching to organic, natural foods will save you a plethora of possible health-related issues. Our 60-day strategy makes sure that the transition to a healthy candida-free life is not only stress and pain free, but simply pleasurable.

One of the most important and common symptoms of candida overgrowth – chronic fatigue and tiredness are caused by candida albicans induced nutritional deficency. Fatty acids, vitamin b6 and magnesium defficiences created by yeast are known to be responsible for long lasting lack of energy. Extremely serius and energy-draining is often accompanied by headaches, trouble with concentration and difficulties with memory.

Even providing your body the neccesary elements and nutrients can mean nothing if they are not properly absorbed. Balancing stress, diet, and sleep should be number one on your list, if you’re trying to regain normal energy levels throughout the day.

Brainf fog, poor concentration and difficulties with memory are also one of the most common symptoms of candida overgroth. Caused by acetaldehyde – a chemical produced by candida – lack of focus along with mood changes are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of this condition.

A balanced diet limiting sugars, preservatives and additives can get rid of the excess of acetaldehyde in your bloodstream, balancing the amount of vitamin b1 and oxygen in your blood – blood, which is responsible for bringing the oxygen to your brain – helping with preventing mental fatigue and brain fog.

Candida overgrowth can supress serotonin production. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitter functioning as a mood booster/stabilizer. Produced mostly in the gut, can be easily influenced by yeast infections, not unlike dompamine, another extremely important neuotransmitter responsible for the way we feel and function.

People suffering from candida overgrowth often experience symptoms common to other conditions – like mood disorders and depression. It often leads to depression-like symptoms, and depression itself. Balancing our lifes, getting rid of stress and inflammation combined with better sleep and diet are absolutely necessary for a badly needed mental recovery.

Candida overgrowth is infamous for causing a multitude of intestinal problems. From Leaky Gut Syndrome and food sensitivities, to digestive issues and imbalanced gut flora. When yeast overtakes our guts, the healthy bacteria in our bodies become defenseless and not capable of maintaining our immune system intact.

Embarassing symptoms of intestinal distress like flatuence, bloating and burping are nothing when compared with our bodie’s inability to properly digest starches, sugars and fibers. Without a proper diet and undertaking necessary steps the ‘good bacteria’ in our guts is unable to survive in this environment, leading to even more symptoms and visible signs of candida yeast infections.

Our mouths are particulary vurneable to candidiasis. Antibiotics, diet high in sugars and other bad dietary chices can (and will!) change the microbiological environment not only in the mouth, but in the whole digestive tract, making it a perfect place for a candida overgrowth. Untreated, it can spread to esophagus, lungs, liver and even to heart valves.

Painful, and embarassing, Oral Thrush can be stopped by following a simple, but effective plan – including changes mentioned in our two-months long strategy.

A weakened immune system is often what allows candida albicans to attack our bodies in the first place (but it also can be weakened by this condition). Immune system not working correctly can lead to even more problems with our bodies.

The part of our guide describing the immune system recovery will give you simple instructions you will need to get through the rehabilitation process in the most accessible way.

The most persistent, visible, obvious and embarrasing sign of a candida overgrowth in the body is a multitude of recurring infections. Fungal infections of the skin, nails, sinuses, and of the genital area showing up and persisting for long periods of time are a clearly visible sign of a chronic candida infection.

Antibiotics used to treat infections only cover the symptoms for some time, but are unable to treat the most mportant elements of the these conditions. Changing not only your diet, but the whole envoroment is absolutely necessary to rid of this uncomfortable and systemic condition. Starting our 60-day long strategy as soon as possible is the first step in reqaining ones health and biological balance.

Uric acid build-up commonly leads to gout – a painfull form of arthritis. Produced by candida, this toxic chemical causes long-term painfull attacks usually in hips and knees.

Very difficult to get rid of, simply because the underlying cause – candidiasis – must be addressed. Untreated can lead to bone infections or osteomyelitis – a persisting and annoying condition sometimes even leading to a surgery.

With 200 recipes in 9 categories  it’s possible to create a diverse diet plan for every day, without having to repeat the same meals over and over again.

leads to an enormous number of health dangers and lousy diseases – one of them being candida. They are, in fact, easily avoidable with proper eating habits and life changes.

So what’s so great about the ‘Candida Diet Solution’? It’s based on solid research and years of experience, and will help you not only with defeating chronic candida yeast infections, but by combining healthy foods, innovative ideas and latest scientific discoveries, it will put you on the right track for a healthier and happier life. Find out what cutting sugars from your menu, including healthy foods, bettering your sleep, defeating stress, and regaining a balanced immune system can do in terms of getting your body and mind to it’s top condition.

Chronic fatigue, brain fog, bloating, skin infections, lack of focus, eczema, depression, and anxiety are just some (of many!) of horrible symptoms of candida overgrowth… One of the scientists researching the negative effects of today’s popular foods said that we are literally ‘eating ourselves to death’. The worst thing we eat everyday – the processed foods, have a devastating effect on metabolism and general wellbeing, but almost 90% of money we spend on food, we spend on processed, unhealthy meals.
They are usually full of sugars, fructose, corn syrup and artificial ingredients to make them taste better, and to make them more addictive. Sugar and highly rewarding junk foods activate the same areas in the brain as drugs of abuse like cocaine. Including them in our diet is a short-way of getting to deal with awful signs of candida overgrowth for long periods of time.

As much as 40% of American health-care costs  are related to sugar overconsumption and complications that arise from it. Newest research shows that almost 400.000 (that’s four hundred thousand!) deaths in the United Stated alone may be caused by bad diet. Starting our 60-day program should be on the top of your list if you’re struggeling with signs of a fungal infection, suffer from fatigue, brain fog, or if you simply want to start living a healthy and rewarding life. Since most processed foods are low in nutrients but high in refined carbohydrates it’s easy to ‘get hooked’ on them and start treating them as a normal part of our diets. If you ever had one of the ‘Wow, I wonder why I’m feeling so tired everyday…’, or ‘I can’t believe I have recurring candida infections, how is it possible?’ kinds of questions – well, now you know how and why…

Processed foods are often cheaper, but because of their low nutritional values you need to eat more of them than natural foods, so in the long run you can actually  start saving money following the ‘Candida Diet Solution’.  – how cool is that?!

Most of the ingredients needed for our recipes are natural, unprocessed and easily available at your local grocery store. Processed foods are fueling your candida overgrowth, and are often more expensive – both for your wallet, and your health.

The 388 Pages Long Candida Diet Solution Guide  – this unique, most comprehensive guide will get you hooked on a candida fighting lifestyle in a matter of minutes! Everything you must know to get started with the anti-candida tactics,- there’s a lot of information people tend to forget… Absolutely packed with knowledge and answers to all of your questions.

It’ the only system available that’s based on months of scientific research. It’s a unique program that has helped many people worldwide. It’s absolutely the only book you will ever need to eliminate the underlying origin of candida infections and get rid of horrible symptoms for good.

‘Candida Diet Solution’ is an optimized and updated for 2023 information source divided into easy to read chapters set in a unique order to permanently get rid of candida in all of its forms. Our book will enable you to completely get rid of yeast infections and all the accompanying symptoms like: abdominal pain, cramping, thrush, itching, heartburn, acid reflux, and extreme fatigue, poor memory, anxiety, depression, low sex drive, rashes, bladder infections, vaginal infections, food sensitivities, and leaky gut syndrome.

Imagine: no more pills, supplements, no more side effects, no more feeling embarrassed, no more spending hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs and doctor visits. Stop putting a band aid, and instead start a real change to get rid of your candida infection right now.

Created by the Candida Diet Solution Team, with years of experience and research on candida infections, it’s the healthiest and most comprehensive guide on a real anti-candida diet available! Packed with amazing recipes and huge amounts of information it’s everything you’ll ever need to start, and stay candida free. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Page 11 –  The Basic Information  chapter will teach you the most important facts you simply have to know to efficiently fight candida yeast infections. Scientific research in this part is adapted for easy reading.

Dietary Information  on page 43 debunks many myths about one of the most important part of getting rid of candida.

All of your questions are answered in the  Question And Answers  part on page 352.

The  Sample Meal Plans  are a great way of quickly planning your daily meals. You’ll find them on page 34.

24h Rapid Relief Guide  on page 88 is a must-have for every candida sufferer.

Our  60-Day Holistic Strategy  is explained on page 217. A versatile and highly customizable to your condition system.

Master Cleanse Cheat Sheet  on page 128 is a quick reference guide for preparing a delicious detoxifying refreshments.

Probiotics  chapter starts on page 174, and is a great introduction to an often omitted important part of fighting candida infections.

The part about  Chronic Yeast Infections  starts at page 80, and is crucial in understanding how to get rid of candida for good.

On page 70, I will show you how to make  Easy Changes To Your Lifestyle,  so that getting rid of candida will take a lot less time.

How to Detoxify Your Body  in a safe and tested way for a bunch of benefits in battling infections – page 92.

Immune System Recovery,  page 129, will advise you on holistic changes needed to get your body ready for life-changing candida elimination.

Stress And Candida Connection  explained on page 151 is an amazing guide on removing stressful situations from your everyday life to greatly help in making your life easier and candida free.

On page 86 we have included our  Top Anti-Candida Tips And Tricks  to easily and quickly alleviate the most common symptoms.

The Most Amazing 200 Recipes!  Absolutely packed with illustrated instructions and ingredient lists, this HUGE collection of dishes is divided into 9 categories for the whole family, every occasion, and mood. Easy to make, delicious, and most importantly nutritious and healthy foods you will enjoy for months and years to come!

No more complicated recipes, guesswork, and hard-to-get or expensive ingredients. Many of our recipes can be prepared in 20 minute – or less! Foods nature itself designed for us to enjoy. You’ll find easy to make breakfasts, lunches, dinners, soups, snacks, smoothies, salads, desserts, and many more dishes. All of the ingredients that are used in our recipes are easily obtainable at your local grocery store.

The best thing is that you won’t have to wait for days for our e-book to arrive at your doorstep. You can start our revolutionary system today, and start saving money on doctors, pills and supplements! In fact, you can start using it in a matter of minutes – after clicking the order button you will gain instant access to a .zip file with all the files included, so you can read it on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, and you can ever print it, but there’s even more I have for you today: For a limited time, we’re giving you some amazing bonuses – available only now, only here!

You won’t find such an offer anywhere else!
This huge collection of valuable recipes and manuals is a unique opportunity to get rid of Candida Yeast Infections – for good. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, if it’s the first time you’re suffering the symptoms of candida overgrowth, or if you’re trying to get rid of chronic infections. Our recipes and manuals are just the thing to keep you moving to a healthy way of life – starting today!

Going out often means no access to nutritious meals that won’t feed your candida, and cooking on your own can be time consuming and boring – that is without our huge collection of recipes for every day chow. Sticking to the anti-candida diet and recipes every day for many people means eating the same meals almost daily. This is where our 388 pages-long guide, 200 recipes and many bonuses come to help!

With a detailed description of the anti-candida strategy and easily explained cooking directions, it’s easy to prepare a great feast for yourself or the whole family! The ‘clock’ icon at the top of the page will point out the recipes that can be used to prepare your favorite dishes in a matter of minutes. The ‘three-dot’ icons will also give you an idea on how hard / easy the recipe really is.

It’s unbelievably hard to give up on foods and habits we love  – we tend to get used to how easy is to indulge ourselves with delicious snacks and dishes, not to mention that processed foods work on on our brains almost like drugs do. But here’s the cool thing: with the great variety of our recipes, we believe that the transition to the healthy diet and lifestyle is easily achievable. Learn how to love the healthy meals that can help you in getting rid of candida yeast overgrowth, and bring you so many positive changes.

Remember: you can start our 60-day long strategy, or you can start slow – simply introduce more and more anti-candida dishes into your diet, and use our 200 recipes every day to get the most from the foods you eat.

Slow transition or plunging head first into the anti-candida game plan? It really makes no difference! A change to real, full of nutrients and vitamins foods and following our guidelines is the way to go. Choose how fast you want to make the shift and make your friends super jealous of  the new you!

How many amazing benefits there really are, and how many pro-health and anti-candida gains the ‘Candida Diet Solution’ has. No surprise here, this huge amount of information on getting rid of chronic yeast infections is an absolute phenomenon and has helped many people to start living a normal life again.  Take a look at some of the reviews  from people from all around the world, who have trusted us to provide them with top-quality information.

I’ve had the same problems for years: depression, mental fog, aching joints, terrible PMS and random pains in my muscle just to name a few.
I had no idea what could be the source of my health troubles. Like many others I got no help from my doctor, and only after years of suffering I finally got my hands on you book. It’s great and very informative.
I started following your program three weeks ago, and it’s really working! I love your recipes, and the part about detoxifying the body before changing the diet. I’m really looking forward to finishing your book, and I just can’t wait to be 100% candida free! Thanks!

– Julie from New York, NY

Just after two weeks into the ‘Candida Diet Solution’ I could see major benefits. The usual symptoms like rashes, fatigue, bladder infections & vaginal infections went away, and now after six weeks with your book I have no symptoms, and I hope to stay candida free for the rest of my life. The price of the book is nothing compared to how much I’ve saved on supplements and pills!
This is a wonderful e-book! I just love the simplicity of your approach. I’ve been to countless doctors, and nothing they prescribed me worked. I’ve read countless posts on forums about candida, but it only made things worse – some of the treatments people are proposing almost landed me in a hospital!…
By the way, thanks for including one of my own recipes in your diet!!!
P.S. I’ve printed your book and borrowed it to my friend, and now she won’t give it back 🙂

– Arvin from Frankfurt, Germany

I got my first vaginal yeast infection one year ago, it was the most embarrassing thing ever! I’ve found your book on one of the online forums – a lot of people were recommending it, so I gave it a go. Less than 30 days made a huge difference! My symptoms slowly started to fade away, and I saved a lot of money on meds!
It’s true that a diet alone will not help – all the parts of your book are helping. I’ve stopped having rashes and skin problems, and I’ve lost 15 pounds (which is also great!). I feel lucky that I got my hands on your book – hope more people will use it!

– Megan from Abilene, Texas, USA

I was lucky enough to know exactly what was wrong with my body – my father is a doctor, so he was able to tell me that I had candida, but he couldn’t help me with curing it.
Even his doctor-friends specializing in this subject told me that it’s not possible to cure candida – it’s only possible to treat it with diet and supplements – which I know now (thanks to you!) is not true.
I can only hope other people who suffer from chronic yeast infections will find your book, because I know it works, and I know the horrors of living with this disgusting disease all too well…
Thanks for emailing me and answering my questions – I really appreciate it!

– Chris from Washington, D.C., USA

There are some extremely important points we’re going to share with you here. They are crucial to understanding the key elements of this devastating condition. Research has concluded that:
Anti-candida diet is necessary, but diet alone won’t help. What we put into our bodies is directly affecting our well-being, but using just a diet is not the answer. It’s an important part, yes, but this condition is much more complicated.

Probiotics, pills and creams simply don’t work.  Yes, we know that sometimes after using them you feel better. Some of us had the same reaction, but just after some days or weeks the symptoms would come back. Why? It’s simple – pills, creams, supplements all work like a band-aid for the candida overgrowth. They are designed to address only the symptoms, and not the cause of yeast infections. After they stop working, the infections and symptoms comes back, and you have to use them over and over again.

Only a comprehensive, truly holistic and natural program based on scientifically proven elements like diet, detoxifying the body, restoring the immune system and managing stress can get rid of your candida.
This is absolutely the most important information you have to remember – it’s easy to stop the symptoms for a couple of days or even weeks, but without addressing the underlying cause of candida overgrowth you are condemned to repeating the same mistakes over and over. Your candida infections will always come back if you will not make fundamental changes in your approach.

The product comes in a form of a digital .pdf file download – NO PHYSICAL COPY WILL BE SHIPPED! Product renders are for visualization purposes only.

Order now to get all of these amazing guides, 369 recipes and bonuses!  Start taking care of your health TODAY.  Don’t let your bad diet & lifestyle stop you from living life to the fullest.

Get the ‘Candida Diet Solution’ and start enjoying every meal and every moment of your life. Get this amazing collection NOW to take advantage of our reduced price!

The product comes in a form of a digital .pdf file download – NO PHYSICAL COPY WILL BE SHIPPED!

No printing = no damage to the environment. ‘Candida Diet Solution’ will be delivered in a .pdf file – which can be viewed on any device. No physical product will be shipped. After you order, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to all the parts of the product. You can use it on your computer, tablet or a smartphone (there’s no waiting, and no additional shipping costs!).

P.S. –  You’ve probably been looking for a healthy way to get rid of yeast infections for a long time, so why wait any longer? With a 100% risk free guarantee, it could not be easier to start living a normal life again – STARTING TODAY!

P.S. 2 –  Do yourself a favor and stop punishing your body with second-rate food and forget about the fear of suffering horrible symptoms every day! Our program and recipes have been created to be safe, healthy and delicious for anyone – you can even share your meals and healthy lifestyle ideas from our guides with your friends and family!

After enjoying benefits of our ‘Candida Diet Solution’ you’ll be wondering how it was that you were able to live without it for so long 🙂

This is the healthiest decision you can make in your life, but if you still have some doubts, please contact us at: info@candida.pro

Not at all. It takes 60 days to fully complete the program, but you’ll be able to feel the benefits in just a couple of days. It makes only positive changes to your lifestyle, providing less stress and a healthier, more balanced diet and habits to easily defeat candida. Our e-book will teach you how to holistically start the necessary changes.

Definitely! Our bodies are different, but our system will allow you to get rid of yeast infections. Many of the people we have shared our system with, and helped, were men. Because of the way the ‘Candida Diet Solution’ works, there’s no difference who or why uses it – it was designed for everybody.

Depending on your genetics, how severe your condition is & how devoted you are to the system, you should start feeling better in a matter of days. Week after week you’ll clearly feel the benefits and changes your body will go through. The whole system is 60 days long, because that’s how long it takes to get rid of yeast infections forever. It’s a life changing holistic system, slowly curing your body from candida yeast infections. After 60 days of following our life-changing system you can be candida free!

Yes! It’s mainly based on research conducted by scientists from University Of Maryland, and The University of Wisconsin School Of Medicine, but also on more than 150+ scientific papers on the broad subject of yeast infections. All the scientific reference is available at the bottom of the site. We have spent hundreds of hours reading, researching, and conducting our own tests, making sure that our program will work for you. It’s not simply a diet – it’s a holistic system focusing on candida fighting foods, immune system, detoxifying your body, and stress-free life – all the parts of our e-book are based on scientific research conducted by top Universities.

Considering the health benefits and freedom from dangerous symptoms – it’s not that difficult. Considering the life-threatening side effects of all the drugs you would have used – it’s not that difficult. Considering all the money you would spend on doctor visits and prescription drugs – it’s not that difficult. You will have to give up some of your favorite foods for some time, but fortunately we have prepared a progressive meal plan full of tasty recipes. The ‘Candida Diet Solution’ e-book is full of guidelines and tips on how to successfully stick to our holistic program for 60 days. In fact, it will make your life easier – removing the burden of constant fatigue, depression, and many other symptoms from your shoulders. Living a normal life again is within your reach!

If you have any other questions about our holistic program, I’m sure you’ll find an answer inside our e-book –  see you there in a minute!

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